Weng Daosheng – 象外 – Beyond images

Opening: 31/07/2018 17:00 (Tuesday)
Period: 31/07 – 11/08/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00
Location: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523ZL Enschede, Netherlands

Speaking in the language of painting, Weng Daosheng represents a world beyond images. A visual language derived from the figurative and reality, where the eternal things you are deliberately looking for in reality are not found. And perhaps are elevated to an ideology.
Beyond images shows the performance in the world of the mind, although it seems like concrete images, it emerged from the abstract. Beyond images.

This exhibition is a result from the warm cooperation between the city of Enschede, Dalian Zhongshan Art museum (China) and ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede). Weng Daosheng has been invited by Cheng Liang, curator of Dalian Zhongshan Art museum, to participate in the exchange program between Dalian and Enschede. He has been living and working at the ARE studio at art initiative B93 for several weeks and concludes this period with an exhibition.

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Debbie Voerman – ‘Zelfbeeld’

Opening: 29/06/2018 at 17:00
Period: 29/06 – 08/07/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00

This time the opening will take place on Friday instead of the usual Friday. During the opening at the 29th of June Afra Willems will give a opening speech at 18:00.


I’m nobody, like me.
nobody likes me..
there’s nobody like me…

In the ‘selfie culture’ within online media, self-image and external appreciation are intimately entwined. ‘Likes’ determine how a ‘nobody’ becomes someone and someone becomes nobody.

Debbie translates images from online media to self-portraits on canvas – and back again to social media via photos – where they become subject to the same system. During her Artist-in-residence period In 2017 in Spain Debbie explored how to break that circle.

Only focus on image.
In the end, everyone is unique

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Edwin Dertien – reFURBYshment

[EN] Opening: 25/05/2018 at 17:00
Open during Makerfestival Twente:
25/05 12:00-17:00
26/05 10:00-17:00
27/05 10:00-17:00
Location: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Suppose robots in the future will be our companions, our housemates, our helpers… then these robots should be able to engage with us on a social level, evolve alongside us and become co-bots. So what does it take to build a social robot? Eyes, a voice and some furry ears? So what if these robots have already been developed two decades ago? They might have been ready for us all along, but are we ready for them? How are we treating these tiny furry creatures entrusted in our care? Reason enough to start the reFURBYshment project: a retirement home for Furbies! All Furbies are welcome, to be revived, find their place (or, if all else fails, become organ donor).

Edwin Dertien is teacher, maker and tech-artist working on social robotics using digital fabrication. ReFURBYshment premiered during MakerFaire Eindhoven and was part of the RobotLove Embassy during Dutch Design Week 2017

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[NL] Opening: 25/05/2018 om 17:00
Open tijdens Makerfestival Twente:
25/05 12:00-17:00
26/05 10:00-17:00
27/05 10:00-17:00
Locatie: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Stel dat robots in de toekomst onze metgezellen zijn, onze huisgenoten, onze helpers … dan zouden deze robots op sociaal niveau met ons moeten kunnen samenwerken, mee evolueren en co-bots worden. Dus wat is er nodig om een ​​sociale robot te bouwen? Ogen, een stem en wat harige oren? En wat als deze robots al twee decennia geleden zijn ontwikkeld? Ze waren misschien al altijd klaar voor ons, maar zijn wij al klaar voor hen? Hoe behandelen we deze kleine harige wezens die aan ons zijn toevertrouwd? Reden genoeg om het reFURBYshment-project te starten: een bejaardentehuis voor Furbies! Alle Furbies zijn welkom, worden nieuw leven ingeblazen, vinden hun plaats (of worden orgaandonor, als al het andere mislukt).

Edwin Dertien is leraar, maker en tech-kunstenaar die werkt aan sociale robotica met behulp van digitale fabricage. ReFURBYshment ging in première gedurende MakerFaire Eindhoven en maakte deel uit van de RobotLove-ambassade tijdens Dutch Design Week 2017

Voor meer informatie: Facebook event.

eXPOsure – creative talents

Creative talents show their work

Opening 17/05/2018 at 17:00
Open: 19/05 – 21/05/2018
Sat, Sun, and Mon, 12:00-17:00

CMGT (creative media & game technologies) students at Saxion show their independent work in graphic design, illustration, drawing, painting and photography. This exhibition shows works of Kristin Dimitrova, Cristina Ionas, Jude Mulisya, Alex Lysenko, Vasil Dimitrov, Luboslav Bachev and Ana-Maria Mihai.

This year the eXPOsure exhibition is held during ‘kunst- en landschap’, a local art fair / art tour event. Roombeek is the starting point point for this three-day event.

Lois Cid – New Land

[EN] From the 26th of April XPO shows the exhibition ‘New Land’ by Lois Cid.

Opening: 26/04/2018
Period: 26/04 – 06/05/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00
Location: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

In this solo exhibition, Lois Cid shows us the base of a new territory built by himself. Living in a new context during his exchange scholarship in the Netherlands, he wonders about the importance of territory as something that defines a place. Lois works with the perception of reality, bringing us closer to a land with a universal identity, highlighted by an uncanny aesthetic.

For more information: Facebook event.

Willemijn Calis – China Dreams

Opening: 05/04/2018 at 17:00
Period: 05/04 – 15/04/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00
Location: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Willemijn about her work:
‘The night has always fascinated me, at night the world presents itself to us in a different way. Covered by a blanket of darkness there seems to emerge more space for things, our mind seems to get the chance to open itself more. And out of a seemingly endless reservoir, things that can’t stand the daylight such as fears, memories and obsessions float towards the surface.
I invite you all to wander around in my Chinese dreams, and maybe even see something of yourself reflected in them.

What you will see here is the result of the working period in The Dalian Zhongshan Art Museum in Dalian, China.’

The artist exchange program is a result of the warm cooperation between the city of Enschede, Dalian Zhongshan Art museum (China) and ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede).




Christian Nicolay – NoWhere NowHere

From the 15th of March XPO shows the exhibition ‘NoWhere NowHere’ by ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) guest Christian Nicolay.

Opening: 15/03/2018 at 17:00
Period: 15/03 – 25/03/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00
Location:  XPO – Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
3. liminal symbols of passage and transformation; doors, ladders, crossings, bridges, pallets.

NoWhere NowHere explores current issues of globalization and climate change through the lens of the liminal – a place betwixt and between. Materials, images and objects reflect the concepts of liminality to visually demonstrate transition and transformation – the visible and the invisible. In the exhibition the notion of ‘space’ and ‘place’ occurs in conjunction with ideas of the ‘temporary’ and ‘permanent’ creating a play between the seen and unseen – the NoWhere and the NowHere.


Marlies van Grootel – Nature of Society

Differences between societies dissolve in the remnants of waste.

Opening: 22/02/2018 at 17:00
Period: 22/02 – 04/03/2018
Open: Fri./Sat./Sun. 12:00-17:00

October 2016 Marlies van Grootel has been an artist in residence in Dalian (China). During her stay the nature of societies and the awareness of plastic waste became a focus in her artwork. In her solo exhibition Marlies shows an installation with both plastic waste from her stay in China and from the Netherlands afterwards. Where the differences in societies dissolve in remnants of plastic waste.

The artist exchange program is a result of the warm cooperation between the city of Enschede, Dalian Zhongshan Art museum (China) and ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede).


Miriam Hamann – A hill is smaller than a mountain

New opportunity to see the exhibition of ARE guest Miriam Hamann. The exhibition ‘A hill is smaller than a mountain‘ was canceled in December last year, but we are happy to announce that the exhibition is yet to be seen at XPO from 25/01 to 04/02/2018.

Opening: 25/01/2018 at 17:00
Period: 25/01 – 04/02/2018
Open: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 12:00 – 17:00
Location: XPO – Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

A hill is smaller than a mountain

In her solo exhibition ‘A hill is smaller than a mountain‘ Miriam Hamann shows two new works which were realized during her stay at ARE. Both works are based on a research about the specific geographical and topographical character of different countries, especially concerning elevation. Having spent half of her childhood in Tyrol the artist grew up in mostly mountainous parts and rocky surroundings. In contrast, most of the Netherlands is extremely flat or even below sea level. The installation 2500 meters above sea level directly refers to this difference. By rebuilding the abstract form of a fence Miriam Hamann displaces alpine signs and forms to Enschede. In its appearance, the barrier refers to mountain slopes and hillsides, whereas it becomes a very abstract, differently slanted form in the space and the flat dutch surroundings.

Also the work series Color field map deals with elevation and the differences of topographical characterization. Digital printed monochrome color fields represent a new mapping system based on the area and the average height of different countries.

more information:

Bart van Deelen & Tom van Veen – Without Regrets

Opening: 11/01/2018 at 17:00
Period: 11/01 – 21/01/2018
Open: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 12:00 – 17:00

Regret is an expression of the moral sense. What if there is no regret? And what happens when the voyeur is sneaking around the corner?

Tom van Veen and Bart van Deelen will exhibit their work at XPO in January 2018. The beginning of a new year, but for Bart and Tom also a conclusion before they go to Greece for a residency period. Conscious of perception of time and society Bart and Tom show their art-works in the exhibition ‘Without regrets’, with this exhibition they show their current perspective to society and objects and at the same time they are asking the question how things will change in another society, surroundings and culture.

more information about the exhibition and the art-works:


Opening: 11/01/2018 at 17:00
Periode: 11/01 – 21/01/2018
Open: Vr/ za/ zo 12:00 – 17:00

Spijt betuigt van moreel besef. Wat als hier geen spijt betuigd wordt? En wat als de voyeur om de hoek meekijkt?

Tom van Veen en Bart van Deelen exposeren in januari 2018 hun werk bij XPO. Het begin van een nieuw jaar, maar voor Bart en Tom ook een afronding voordat ze naar Griekenland gaan voor een residency. Bewust van perceptie van tijd en de maatschappij tonen Bart en Tom hun kunstwerken in de tentoonstelling ‘Without regrets’, met deze tentoonstelling tonen ze hun huidige perspectief op de maatschappij en objecten en stellen ze tegelijkertijd de vraag hoe de dingen zullen veranderen in een andere maatschappij, omgeving en cultuur.

meer informatie over de tentoonstelling en het werk: