Jolene Mok – the vision planted inside of my brain

Through documenting the domestic growth of edible mushrooms using both still and moving images with analogue film, the bizarre beauty of cultivated fungus is unfolded.

Jolene Mok (Hong Kong) has been on itinerant taking part in artist-in-residency programs non-stop since 2011. Being at ARE Holland in Enschede has allowed her to further expand her highly experimental practice from digital to analogue, as well as mushroom cultivation.

Opening: Sunday 12 December between 2 and 5 PM

The opening will take place between 2 and 5 PM. There is no specific opening moment, so feel welcome to come to the opening to enjoy the exhibition anytime between 2 and 5 PM. The opening is partly outside, so take a warm jacket, we will provide a fire outside with drinks and snacks.

Location: XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2, Enschede (NL)
Open: 12 to 24 December 2021 -Fri/ Sat/ Sun – 1 to 5 PM

Judith Schepers / Regine Wolff – WATERPROEF

11 to 21 November 2021

Water is the central, binding element in this exhibition. In their works and in a space-filling joint installation, Regine Wolff (Osnabrück/painting) and Judith Schepers (Enschede/drawing) investigate the field of tension between water as a vital elixir and as a life-threatening force.

The artists use the term ‘Waterproef’ (water test) as a metaphor. In the first instance, one might think of an examination of water. But the word has another meaning. During the witch hunts, the ‘water test’ was used to unmask witches. The insidious thing about this test was the almost complete hopelessness of the person involved. Here, ‘watertest’ means a man-made dilemma.
In their work, Regine and Judith ask questions about the ‘water test’, the human dilemma of our present.

Opening: Thursday 11 November at 7PM

During the opening, the catalogue of the exhibition will be presented.
Sound artist Bert Fleißig will perform the sound performance ‘Wasserprobe’, which was specially developed for this exhibition.
Marlies van Grootel will give the opening speech.


Open: Wed – Sun 13:00 – 17:00
XPO, Stroinkbleeksweg 2, Enschede

Can Erel – Surprise, it’s not me!

Can Erel recently graduated from the University of Twente with a BSc in Creative Technology. This work is part of his thesis, which he conducted mostly back home in Turkey.

Make a free reservation for the opening through this link:

Surprise, It’s Not Me! Is an interactive installation that creates a space for recognizing the beauty and excitement of forming connections, at a moment of heightened self-absorption. 

This moment is generated by concave mirrors that present a high definition and isolated image of the self while leaving the surroundings distorted and blurry.

The installation is a response to our psychosocial dynamics that has been further distorted by the pandemic.

Opening: 16/09 19:00-22:00
Open: 17/09 -19/09 13:00-17:00

Ernesto Walker – So Close and yet So Far…

Period: 09/07 – 18/07/2021 Open: Fri/Sat/Sun 14:00-17:00
Location exhibition: XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede (NL)

During specials events in the evenings, Ernesto will be presnet at the exhibition through a Zoom link to talk about his experiences as a remote artist-in-residence. How can you communicate through a robot without speaking? And what connection do you get with the community? There are a limited number of places available, so book as soon as possible a free spot at XPO through this link.

“So close and yet so far” is an art project inspired by interplanetary explorations such as those sent to Mars in recent years. The piece consists of sending a reconnaissance robot controlled remotely by the author to places of our own world, explore them and re-realize them from the point of view of a technology that, in some cases, tends to get us closer in and in other cases gets us more apart.

This project of Ernesto Walker (Mexico) has had three missions. The first two in Mexico in 2015 and 2016. The third one this year in Enschede as a remote artist-in-residence. The last mission is especially addressing the pandemic situation and the vicissitudes of being an artist in residence through a robot.

Talía Falcón Nizarane –


Talía Falcón Nizarane (Havana, Cuba, 1997) is a young artist committed with the topic of the social role of arts. She studied at “San Alejandro Academy” and at “ISA University of Arts of Cuba” before coming to Enschede for a three months residence program at Artist Residencies Enschede (ARE). She now presents the solo exhibition “UNWINNABLE” as a conclusion of her journey, a journey marked by the appearance of a world-scale threat.

It all started with the posters Talía faced when coming to The Netherlands from Zurich, where she spent some time working. “Stay at home, save lives” sounds now like an almost universal quote. But what to do when one does not have a place to call “home” where to “stay at”? Or when a bigger threat coexists with you inside? 
>From the biggest poster hanging on the street to the tiny words written in our passports, language shapes the world around and inside every one of us. It decides which doors we can open, and which must still remain close. 

“UNWINNABLE” reflects on the malleability, yet rigidity inherent to written language and in the complexity it brings into human relationships in times of crisis.

Period: 22/09 – 27/09/2020 12:00-17:00
Opening: 24/09/2020 at 19:00
Location: XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede (NL)

Edwin Dertien – reFURBYshment

[EN] Opening: 25/05/2018 at 17:00
Open during Makerfestival Twente:
25/05 12:00-17:00
26/05 10:00-17:00
27/05 10:00-17:00
Location: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Suppose robots in the future will be our companions, our housemates, our helpers… then these robots should be able to engage with us on a social level, evolve alongside us and become co-bots. So what does it take to build a social robot? Eyes, a voice and some furry ears? So what if these robots have already been developed two decades ago? They might have been ready for us all along, but are we ready for them? How are we treating these tiny furry creatures entrusted in our care? Reason enough to start the reFURBYshment project: a retirement home for Furbies! All Furbies are welcome, to be revived, find their place (or, if all else fails, become organ donor).

Edwin Dertien is teacher, maker and tech-artist working on social robotics using digital fabrication. ReFURBYshment premiered during MakerFaire Eindhoven and was part of the RobotLove Embassy during Dutch Design Week 2017

For more information: Facebook event.


[NL] Opening: 25/05/2018 om 17:00
Open tijdens Makerfestival Twente:
25/05 12:00-17:00
26/05 10:00-17:00
27/05 10:00-17:00
Locatie: Stroinksbleekweg 2, 7523 ZL, Enschede

Stel dat robots in de toekomst onze metgezellen zijn, onze huisgenoten, onze helpers … dan zouden deze robots op sociaal niveau met ons moeten kunnen samenwerken, mee evolueren en co-bots worden. Dus wat is er nodig om een ​​sociale robot te bouwen? Ogen, een stem en wat harige oren? En wat als deze robots al twee decennia geleden zijn ontwikkeld? Ze waren misschien al altijd klaar voor ons, maar zijn wij al klaar voor hen? Hoe behandelen we deze kleine harige wezens die aan ons zijn toevertrouwd? Reden genoeg om het reFURBYshment-project te starten: een bejaardentehuis voor Furbies! Alle Furbies zijn welkom, worden nieuw leven ingeblazen, vinden hun plaats (of worden orgaandonor, als al het andere mislukt).

Edwin Dertien is leraar, maker en tech-kunstenaar die werkt aan sociale robotica met behulp van digitale fabricage. ReFURBYshment ging in première gedurende MakerFaire Eindhoven en maakte deel uit van de RobotLove-ambassade tijdens Dutch Design Week 2017

Voor meer informatie: Facebook event.

Bärbel Praun – The Plastic Laboratory

[EN] From the 14th of December XPO shows the exhibition ‘The Plastic Laboratory’ by ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) guest Bärbel Praun.

Opening: 14/12/2017 at 17:00
Period: 14/12 – 17/12/2017
Open: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 12:00 – 17:00

At Sunday 17/12/2017 Bärbel Praun will be in the space to talk about her exhibition in a little tour. There will be two starting moments to join in at the tours, at 13:00 and at 15:00.

The Plastic Laboratory

Obsessed with plastic, waste and consumerism, Bärbel Praun presents in ‘The Plastic Laboratory’ various ‘exercises’ and ‘field researches’ of hers dealing with these topics. How do we respond to overwhelming facts of climate change and global warming? How would one be able to really understand these numbers we daily read in the newspapers, how to react? Is
there any solution to all of this?

The English philosopher Timothy Morton whose work explores the intersection of ecological studies gives this issue a name: hyperobjects. This term has been put forward to explain objects so massively distributed in time and space as to transcend localization like such gigantic entities such as climate change that the risk of abstraction, distance and denial is extremely high.

Confronting herself with both the feelings of awkwardness and numbness and the urge to react and act throughout the work process resulted in various ‘exercises’. In translating this encircling noise allowed her to give the unspeakable, the invisible and the vast matter a space, form and voice.
Within installation, photography and video performance she creates a space for exploration – a world between frustration and fascination.

[NL] Vanaf 14 december toont XPO de tentoonstelling ‘The Plastic Laboratory’ van ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) gast Bärbel Praun.

Opening: 14/12/2017 om 17:00 uur
Periode: 14/12 – 17/12/2017
Open: vr / za / zo 12:00 – 17:00 uur

Op zondag 17/12/2017 is Bärbel Praun in de ruimte om tijdens een kleine rondleiding over haar tentoonstelling te vertellen. Er zijn twee startmomenten om deel te nemen aan de rondleidingen, om 13.00 uur en om 15.00 uur.

The Plastic Laboratory
(Het plastic laboratorium)

Geobsedeerd door plastic, afval en consumentisme presenteert Bärbel Praun in ‘The Plastic Laboratory’ verschillende ‘oefeningen’ en ‘veldonderzoeken’ van haar die deze onderwerpen behandelen. Hoe reageren we op overweldigende feiten over klimaatverandering en het broeikaseffect? Hoe zou men deze aantallen echt kunnen begrijpen die we dagelijks in de kranten lezen, hoe te reageren? Is er een oplossing voor dit alles?

De Engelse filosoof Timothy Morton, wiens werk de overlapping van ecologische studies verkent, geeft deze kwestie een naam: hyperobjects. Deze term is aangevoerd om objecten te verklaren die zo massaal zijn verdeeld in tijd en ruimte dat ze de lokalisatie overstijgen, zoals dergelijke gigantische entiteiten als klimaatverandering, dat het risico van abstractie, afstand en ontkenning extreem groot is.

De confrontatie met zowel de gevoelens van onhandigheid en gevoelloosheid als de drang om te reageren en te handelen gedurende het hele werkproces resulteerde in verschillende ‘oefeningen’. Door het vertalen van dit omringende geluid kon ze het onuitsprekelijke, het onzichtbare en de grote materie een ruimte, vorm en stem geven.
Binnen installatie, fotografie en videoprestaties creëert ze een ruimte voor verkenning – een wereld tussen frustratie en fascinatie.