Opening exhibition Cheng Liang and Han Xi

After a month living and working in Enschede, Cheng Liang and Han Xi will end their period in Enschede with an exhibition. During their stay they created new series of works. Cheng Liang will present a series of paintings inspired by the surroundings and city of Enschede. Han Xi will show some paintings in his typical blue colour as well as conceptual art. They will show their works at XPO, a new exhibition space at Roombeek Enschede in association with Edwin Dertien.

The opening will take place Thursday 13 August 2015 at 16:00, with at 17:00 an official opening by Jeroen Hatenboer.

Cheng Liang and Han Xi are part of an exchange program between Dalian (China) and Enschede. Dalian and Enschede are sister cities.
The exhibition is open until the 23th of August (closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Opening times are from 11:00 – 17:00.

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