Gaolu Han – Stroll by Traveling

Period: 08/09 – 18/09/2019, Opening: 08/09/2019 at 15:00

Gaolu Han presents an intermediate between representationalism and expressionism. This status derives from experience in Chinese cultural background and exploration on Western artistic forms. The path of the works has characteristic pluralism with rational and critical thinking, and the feeling of painting with a sensitive trans experience combined with the identity of the artist.

Gaolu Han about his work:
Currently,traveling inspired me and this experience works as a trigger which drives me to be immersed in existence,change and relevance. Meanwhile, in the context between the splendid art of the Netherlands and contemporary art, I meditate that I can cross the cultural areas, including exchanging,talking and co-existing. What I mentioned above, I present like traveling along a stream, painting a line, brush stroke, gradation, temperament and ink …

Han is an artist from Dalian (China). This year Enschede and Dalian celebrate 10 years of collaboration between two sister cities. With this year’s artists’ exchange, ARE and the Dalian Zhongshan Art museum honor the warm cooperation of recent years in the cultural field. In tribute to the 10-year anniversary, Han also participates in the Two Sisters art project, initiated by Marc Boumeester of AKI ArtEz.