Wu Shini – The spectacle

Opening: 18-08-2016 at 17:00
Exhibition period: 19-08 till 28-08-2016
Open: Every Friday, Saturdag an Sunday, 12:00- 17:00

After a month living and working in Enschede, Wu Shini will end her period in Enschede with an exhibition at XPO. During her stay Wu Shini created new series of works.

Wu Shini about her work:
– The spectacle –
In the face of the rapid development of the process of modernization and globalization,”the society of the spectacle “always deprive our perception ability.The lack of belief and the collapse of the spiritual civilization make we feel lost.The existence of the ruins is the status of our spirit.

Wu Shini is part of an exchange program between Dalian (China) and Enschede. Dalian and Enschede are twin cities and have a rich exchange on corporate, economic and cultural fields. She was invited by the Dalian Zhongshan museum to be part of the residency program in 2016 at Enschede at the studio of ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede).